Rental rates:

Daily rental rates are for 24 hours, including maintenance and public liability insurance. Fuel costs are not included.


All cars are supplied with full tank of gasoline. If car is returned with less than a full tank the renterwill be charged according to the Refueling chart 1.00 Ls (1.5 Eur) per litre for refueling service.

Minimum rental:

24 hours. If rental day exceeds 24 hours by more than 3 hours, another rental day will be charged.

Identifications required:

At the time of rental Renters/drivers are required to present a valid passport/ID and driver’s licence. All drivers should be holders of driving license for 1 year at least.


All authorized drivers vehicles are covered by third party liability insurance against injuries, death or damage of property of third parties. This is not full-comprehensive insurance. The renter’s liability for any damage to rented vehicle is Ls 250.00 (350 Eur).

Super Loss and Damage waiver (SLDW):

The renter may waive liability fully by paying additional fee of 9.00 Ls (13 Eur) per day. The insurance does not cover tires of the rented vehicle.

Age requirements:

Renter/driver must be at least 21 years old. For drivers under 25 years of age an additional charge of Ls 4.00 (6 Eur) per day is applied.

Delivery / collection:

Free of charge


In case of lost car documents or car keys Renter will be charged Ls 50.00 (70 Eur). Tickets and administrative sanctions resulting from violation of the Traffic Law during rental period are absorbed solely by the renter.

Driving restrictions:

Driving allowed without restrictions in the territory of European Union.

In addition:

Rental agreement conditions apply as outlined in Rental Agreemen